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The Enemy’s farewell tour


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Hello Friends,

We already know the reasons – health issues, fatherhood and lack of radio play were cited in the announcement earlier this year. This gig at London’s Kentish Forum is the second of many goodbyes on their farewell tour. And what a raucous, emotional beginning of the end it has been.
Singer Tom Clarke, bassist Andy Hopkins and drummer Liam Watts swaggered on stage in a triumphant manner, greeted with an almighty, deafening roar. The energy in the room was palpable – almost on a par with what you’d expect at an Oasis gig. “Are you ready? One last f***ing time!”, screamed Tom, completely bowled over by the reaction from the crowd right from the outset – it was written all over his beaming face. It’s moments like this that make you wonder how they could walk away from it all; an army of adoring fans screaming every word back at them.
The set showcased the very best of their output; the entire crowd-pleasing first album, which Tom describes tonight as “the one that means the most to people”, as well as songs from their other three records. But it is during the more melancholic cuts, such as ‘Happy Birthday Jane‘, that The Enemy truly have the crowd in the palm of their hands. And when they’re not giving you a lump in your throat with a tender ballad, they’re blowing your head off with an aggressive anthem like ‘40 Days and 40 Nights‘. There’s not much in between, and it makes for a thrilling ride.



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