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Life On The Run


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Hello friends,

My head was throbbing. I couldn’t think for a few seconds. I must have tripped over a root and hit my head. I stood still in a daze. It all came back to me as a small group of people ran by me, a horde of walkers behind them.

“Get inside!” Someone yelled, pulling my arm. I sprinted toward the nearest building, the gym, as these monstrosities that people had deemed “walkers” swarmed the entire campus. Amid the mass confusion outside, a small group of people had made their way inside and secured a place to hide. Although campus was being overridden, I could only hope that there were other people safely holed up in a dorm or something. How long they would be safe is uncertain.

I followed the group down the stairwell and into the training room. A handful of my track teammates were in here along with some other athletes. I was relieved to see they were all safe but worried about the rest of my friends. However all I could do now was wait it out. It hadn’t even been a single day since reports of this outbreak started occurring in New York, and already the outbreak had spread to various parts of the country.

A full day passed, the lot of us just hiding out in the training room anxiously. We heard the sound of countless walkers banging on the door upstairs. Keith, a basketball player, said that we need to get to higher ground, because if they come in we will be trapped down here. Soon afterwards, we heard the sound of glass breaking upstairs.


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