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Silverfin Guides, caution! (continuation)


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Hello Friends,

Some caution before using the service. Unfortunately, the guide acts like he is punching a clock for his fishing services, rather than having a true passion for fishing. He did not seem excited about fishing, and he also didn’t seem to know the best places to fish. He was more concerned about not disturbing other people and protecting his expensive fishing reels (he kept telling us they were pricey before giving them to us) than being a good fishing guide. We spent $1000 for five hours, caught nothing, and after his half-hearted efforts, he had the nerve to ask for an additional $10 per person per half hour for extra time. When we remarked that our time wasn’t up, he said by the time he packed up the fishing rods and got back to our car, our five hours would be up. Needless to say, we said no. We did not mind not catching any fish. What we did mind was our guide’s half-hearted efforts, lack of any concern for our overall fishing experience, and then having the nerve to ask for more money.


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