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Zombie apocalypse


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Hello Guys,

That depends largely on which type of zombie apocalypse you’re talking about. If it’s like The Walking Dead where everyone turns when they die, Australia is utterly screwed. There is no way to isolate yourself from this type of zombie apocalypse, and their lack of guns means that most people will have to get in close to dispatch them. This increases the risk of someone getting bit, which is pretty much a death sentence, so far more people will die simply trying NOT to die. However, as their sparse population would go a long way to protect people, they’d still be on the list. Just not at the top.

America, despite the sheer number of guns, would be utterly screwed. Densely populated cities would be infested with zombies in a matter of days. Rural areas would be better off for a time, but they would be overrun by millions of zombies migrating from the cities looking for people to eat.

Island nations like Japan, Taiwan and Great Britain that traditionally cremate the majority of their dead would be infinitely safer.

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