Bob Fleming

Bob Fleming

Occupation: TV Presenter, Outdoorsman, Folk Singer
Allo, Bob Fleming here. Today we'll be looking at fishing-tackle. (Cough) Where would a fly-fisher be without his waders?


Bob Fleming presents his enduring popular BBC1 TV show ‘Country Matter with Bob Fleming’. On his programme he looks at endearingly rustic issues such as fly fishing, the woodcarver’s art and 19th century hand tools. Guests on his show have included sneezing Clive Tucker, hiccoughing Murtagh Blethyn, and Jed Thomas who keeps shouting ‘arse!’ for no apparent reason.

"Where are they now?"

Following his television success on Country Matters, Bob was invited to do a 65 date speaking tour of the United States. The tour which began in 2003 is expected to finish later this year.
Bob Fleming's Folkin Classics.


09 October 2015, 11:08 am

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